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Who is the best person to talk to if you want to improve your eating habits.  A registered dietitian. We are featuring five Alberta bloggers who are food and nutrition experts. You might already know a few of them if you're active on social media. So, are dietitians the food police? No way! We're the ones bringing the really good food to the party. Describe your food and nutrition philosophy in one phrase or sentence.

Describe your food and nutrition philosophy in one phrase or sentence.

“I believe that food is one of the most powerful yet under-utilized therapies for our health and wellness. I believe that we can all achieve vitality and wellness through energizing our nutrition, one bite at a time.” ~Kristyn Hall, MSc, RD ( or FB: @EnergizeNutritionInc)

“My food and nutrition philosophy centers on joy. Renowned feeding expert, Ellyn Satter, said it best: ‘When the joy goes out of eating, nutrition suffers.’ And, I wholeheartedly agree. My passion, as a dietitian, wife and mom is to help others find joy in cooking, eating and filling up on family time.” ~Emily Mardell, RD ( or Twitter/IG: @GetJoyfull)

“Eat a diet rich in whole, minimally-processed foods that nourish the body and fuel an active lifestyle.” ~Amanda Leendertse, RD, CDE ( or IG: @fueledfork)

“Non-diet, weight-neutral, compassionate, collaborative and grounded in Health At Every Size® and Intuitive Eating philosophy.” ~Vincci Tsui, RD ( or FB/Twitter/IG: @VincciRD)

“Healthy eating doesn’t have to be hard, or restrictive - all food fits! I think we’re too obsessed with food in our culture - it’s making us all neurotic!” ~Andrea Hardy, RD (ignitenutrition.caor Twitter/IG: @AndreaHardyRD)

What is your favourite food hack to eat more healthfully?

 “No matter what I’m doing or where I’m going, I aim for two cups of veg at lunch and supper every day. I don’t always get there, but it’s as simple as a handful of carrot sticks on the go, or whipping up a quick salad alongside my grilled cheese sandwich. I don’t know if it’s a hack per se, but that ONE tip has SO many benefit; it’s SO worth doing. If you change one thing, develop one habit, make it this one.” ~Andrea

"IMO the muffin pan is one of the most underrated kitchen tools. On Sunday my daughter Cela and I will often make mini-turkey meatloaves, cottage cheese and berry breakfast cups, green-veg smoothie boosters or fruit and nut energy bites, all using the humble muffin pan. It’s a great way to prepare ahead, portion control and leverage leftovers.” ~Emily

“Meal planning! Every week, my husband and I sit down to plan our meals for the week before we go grocery shopping.” ~Vincci

“One of the most overlooked ways of eating healthier is actually listening to your body. This might sound silly, but life is so busy. It is easy to mindlessly eat and not even think about what you are putting in your mouth. Being present and engaging in the act of eating by being free from distraction is a powerful tool to help tune into your body’s hunger cues.” ~Amanda  

What is your go-to easy dinner (especially on those nights you don't feel like cooking)?

“My default meal is a pita (or tortilla) pizza and a big salad. I make it a point to always have the ingredients on hand so I can easily throw this together on a busy weeknight in under 15 minutes. I especially love this meal on evenings that my husband is working late, and I’m cooking for one.” ~Amanda

“A microwaved sweet potato, with cheese or baked beans on top, and spinach wilted in, or on the side as a simple salad with lemon and olive oil, S+P. My ultimate ‘I’m in a rush and am only cooking for myself’ dinner. The potato microwaves in 10 minutes and voila! Easy dinner - minimal dishes. See, healthy eating doesn’t have to be hard!” ~Andrea

“Loaded lentil salad. To cooked, rinsed lentils, I’ll add fresh vegetables like diced cucumber, bell peppers and fruit such as strawberries or green apple. Crumbled feta gives the salad a calcium boost and aged balsamic vinegar the perfect tart kick. It’s fresh, seasonal and satisfying.” ~Emily

“My easy go-to dinner is stopping by the grocery store and picking up a deli chicken with veggies and dip. I will serve along side a piece of fresh French bread.” ~Kristyn

“Fried rice! As long as there's leftover rice, eggs and some sort of vegetables around, I can quickly whip up a meal. If I don't have leftover rice, I almost always have dumplings in the freezer.” ~Vincci

Nutrition is an evolving field. What is something you've learned recently, and why does it interest you?

“The research showing that we can train our guts to gradually take a larger volume of carbohydrates during endurance activity has certainly peaked my attention. This is particularly interesting to me, because it is a strategy that endurance athletes can use to help support gains in performance, when done correctly with the proper training.” ~Amanda

“I am fascinated by the gut microbiome and how it influences our health and wellness. I am also fascinated that we can influence the health of our gut microbiome by the foods we eat (and don’t eat). This finding reinforces how critical it is to nourish our body with healthful foods most of the time.” ~Kristyn

“My transition to a weight-inclusive, non-diet practice only happened a few months ago, and it interests me because working in bariatrics/weight management has allowed me to see first-hand that weight loss doesn't bring better health and happiness, and in some cases makes matters worse. For me professionally, I wanted to stop the potential harm that I was causing people, and for my clients, I really want to show them that it is possible to be healthy and happy without focusing on weight.” ~Vincci

Still want more?

We hope you feel inspired by these great perspectives directly from our featured registered dietitians! Two key takeaways: keep it simple and find or rediscover the joy in eating. Stay tuned for part two of our discussion with these RDs where we will talk about weight, self-care and staying active. If you are looking for additional ideas or support to improve your eating habits, consider working with a dietitian one-on-one

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Jaclyn Chute, RD

Registered Dietitian

Jaclyn (BSc, RD) is a registered dietitian and Project Manager at Dairy Farmers of Canada. She believes eating should be both nourishing and satisfying, and is passionate about helping others develop a healthy relationship with food.

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