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In a sea of nutrition information, we need to take care to sort the bad from the good lest we be led in the wrong direction (carnivore diet, anyone?). Here are my go-to nutrition sources. They are reliable, realistic, fun and evidence-based. Need I say more?

For info on anything and everything

 Best Food Facts – with the help of more than 200 food system experts, this consumer group will “load your plate with a balanced diet of data so that you can make informed choices for yourself and your family…”

·      What you’ll find: articles on a variety of topics including top news stories, diets and the science behind food, as well as recipes.

Food Insight  – a group “dedicated to the mission of effectively communicating science-based information on health, nutrition and food safety for the public good”

·      What you’ll find: objective reviews of the latest studies, blogs on trending nutrition topics and press releases written by credentialed experts.

Abby Langer Nutrition   a no-nonsense, experienced dietitian and my go-to whenever I need information on a fad diet or nutrition trend

·      What you’ll find: diet reviews and blogs on a wide variety of topics, as well as recipes.

Nourish Move Thrive –  a team of registered dietitians with the goal of “empowering people to eat healthfully and nourish an active lifestyle…”

·      What you’ll find: blogs on a wide variety of topics, recipes and resources designed specifically for AFLCA and YMCA fitness leaders.

For info on sports nutrition

 Sports Dietitians Australia  a teamhelping active individuals “maximize their exercise goals with credible nutrition”

·      What you’ll find: blogs, recipes and product reviews from dietitians specializing in sports nutrition.

Revive Wellness –  a team of Edmonton-based registered dietitians who specialize in sports nutrition, allergies, dietary restrictions and disease management

·      What you’ll find: blog posts with information including sports nutrition and diet reviews, as well as recipes.

For info on gut health, food sensitivities and allergies

 Ignite Nutrition –  a team of Calgary-based registered dietitians with expertise in gut health and digestive disorders

·      What you’ll find: blog posts on IBS, digestive disorders, food relationship, PCOS and more, as well as recipes (many allergy friendly).

Wendy Busse –  a registered dietitian with over 25 years’ experience working with food sensitivities

·      What you’ll find: information on, and tools for, food sensitivities and allergies, histamine intolerance, diet expansion and more.

Are your sources reliable?

The above list of reliable sources is by no means exhaustive. Look into your own go-to sources with these questions:

1.      Who wrote it? Check credentials and education. They may have a PhD, but a PhD in nutrition is very different than a PhD in anthropology, or even medicine.

2.      What are they selling? If your source is selling supplements or other nutrition products, be cautious. A food-first approach is the best place to start.

3.      Is it up-to-date? Are the blogs or articles being reviewed and updated? Take a look at the publication or review date to ensure it’s based on recent research.

4.      Is it fear-based? Any source that uses fear to communicate their information is not a source worth listening to!

By turning to sources you can trust, you will be well informed and help stop the spread of misinformation – something we sorely need! For more information on evaluating information on nutrition, consider these three questions to ask your nutrition sources.

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Kristina Isaac, RD.

Registered Dietitian

Kristina (BSc, RD) is a registered dietitian and blogger for Nourish Move Thrive. She enjoys finding creative, fun and simple ways to communicate the science of nutrition.

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